• Flexitime

    Consumable Internet packages from Smart Bro, allowing subscribers to take full control of their surfing minutes. Internet rates are charged per minute.

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  • Unlisurf

    Surf, stream and chat all you want with Smart Bro's Unlisurf offers!

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  • Always On

    Smart Bro’s volume based data packages which allows you to stay social all day!

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  • LTE Data Sachets

    Take advantage of LTE by subscribing to any of the LTE data packages.

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  • Smart Bro Dashboard

    Avail of Smart Bro Packages in one click with the all-new Smart Bro Dashboard!

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LTE Plug It

The country’s first LTE broadband stick.

Now only P3,888 on Prepaid

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Power Plug It

Surf on the go, with more hours and unlimited music downloads too!

Now only P1,245 on Prepaid

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Starter Plug It

SMART's most affordable broadband connection.

Now only P995 on Prepaid

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Pocket WiFi

Connect up to 10 gadgets in your own personal WiFi zone.

Now only P1,995 on Prepaid

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LTE Pocket WiFi

Experience the power of LTE on your smartphones, tablets & WiFi devices.

Now only P4,888 on Prepaid

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Smart Bro Dashboard

Your high-speed surfing just got easier with the Smart Bro Dashboard! Experience it when you get a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi or Smart Bro SIM.

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